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Abdul Rahman Al-Sudairy Foundation
History and Background

The Abdul Rahman Al-Sudairy Foundation is a private non-profit Cultural Organization headquartered in Sakaka, the capital of Al-jawf province Saudi Arabia, Established by virtue of a royal order in 1983. The origins of the foundation go back to 1963 when the founder / amir Abdul Rahman bin Ahmed Al-Sudairy, former governor of Al-jawf, established a small public library at Sakaka.


In 1983 this library was transformed into a much more elaborate institution aspiring to contribute to the area, with the public library named Dar Al-Jawf Lill-Ulum as its nucleus.
Dar Al-Jawf lill-ulum (literally, al-Jawf’s house for knowledge), with a capacity of 200,000 volumes, is not a public library in the traditional but also a vital information and cultural center. It consists of adjoining libraries, mirror images of each other, one for men and the other women. Its present two-stories building, with a 2,350 square-meter floor base, is located in a beautifully landscaped 34,368 square-meter compound. The stock of the library now exceeds 92,000 volumes in Arabic and other languages and includes books, manuscript, documents photographs, stamps, films, micro reproductions, video tapes, CD-ROMs, slides, multimedia kits, maps and rare coins. Its serials sections receive 250 titles.

The library has established a special collection on the Arabian Peninsula, with emphasis on local history and books of the western travelers who passed through Al-Jawf during the last 150 years. The operation of the library, including its catalogues is computerized, and modern techniques for information storage, processing, retrieval, and transfer are being employed. Among the foundation’s publications are books on the history of Al-Jawf (separated Arabic and English editions) and a learned journal entitled Al-Juba, the 13th issue in 1999.
From January 2000 the foundation started issuing the semi annual Archeological Refereed journal on the Arab world called (Adumatu).
Furthermore, the foundation has a plan to translate and publish the books of the western travellers who passed through Al-Jawf. The library has a publication exchange programme, and all learned institutions are invited us to participate in it for mutual benefit.

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