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Egypt’s International Economic Forum (EIEF)
Mechanism of Operation

The Forum is achieving its activities through:

1- Organizing Conferences:
As the Arab world is lagging behind many economies, Egypt International Economic Forum has taken the initiative to organize regional and international conferences that would put Egypt and the region on the world economic map.
The Forum believes that now is the time to develop our technologies that would meet the local and regional needs and to bridge the economic divide via knowledge and mastering the tools of tomorrow
2- Roundtable Discussions:
The Forum unlike other NGO’s in Egypt focuses on macro issues and the development of policies that bring change in the Egyptian Economy. The Forum engages government and civil society.
The Forum also acts as a catalyst with other NGO’s and academia to develop strategic common interests and work on implementing them.
3- Strategic Alliances:
As Egypt endeavors to take the rightful place on the global economic stage, its business community and other elements of its civic society must actively participate in international arenas, networking, and develop strategic linkages. In line with its mission and such objectives, Egypt’s International Economic Forum has embarked on a series of international missions within the context of its Strategic Links Initiative.
The Forum has developed several such initiatives with several economies including the United States, Austria, Italy, Jordan, and Pakistan as well as with global organizations like the World Economic Forum, Conference Board, International Chamber of Commerce and Euromoney.


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