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International Islamic Charitable Organization IICO
Mechanism of Operation

  IICO''s strategy is to present a unique model of integrated modern charitable work guided by the great examples of voluntary practices in the Islamic civilization. The features of IICO''s strategy are:

 Managing the charitable work on institutional basis both in theory and practice.

Working according comprehensive plans for design, implementation, and administration of its charitable projects.

  Provision of integrated and general aids that covers various aspects of life.

 Globalization of charitable work. IICO works worldwide regardless of geographic boundaries or racial differences.

  Independence of any government or political ideology. IICO offers its services in purely humanitarian ground with no involvement in political or racial conflicts.

?  Adopting scientific approach for fund raising , investment, and distribution of charities.

? Developing human resources through elimination of illiteracy, education, training and rehabilitation programs.

 Promoting the progress and welfare of poor communities through helping them to invest their resources in the best way possible to make them self-sufficient.

Empowering the needy communities so that they become productive and depend on themselves.

 Insuring that funds are raised and used efficiently and effectively and given to those who need them most.

 Cooperation with other humanitarian organizations of similar interests (local, regional, governmental, and non-governmental). IICO design its plans to complement their efforts and offer them support whenever possible.

 IICO accepts all sorts of donations appropriate to its mission such as: alms, Zakat, bequests, waqf, designated or general donations.

 Further more, IICO invests the undesignated donations it received in long term projects to generate maximum returns in order to secure permanent resources for charities.

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