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Abeer 2 centre
History and Background

The idea of establishing the centre

The idea of establishing the centre started in a small floor until it became a centre by the efforts of kuwaiti volunteers ( MRS Abeer al jamaz and Abeer al safran ) who created the idea of the centre which kuwait is proud of for what it contains from non profit humanitarian objectives to help children and youth with special needs and their friends and families.

The centre was established on july 1999 and before that there was no competence to allow the resort to it in order explain the problems and the sufferings of the parents, until god responded to our prayers to be under the community of the volunteers centre headed by al sheikah / Amthal Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Subah to be leadar of voulunteers.

The efforts were intensified and the work was continuous with the un limited support from Al sheikah Amthal because her objectives were similar to ours by helping kuwait sons who are on our hearts. Also because of the participation of the children''s families and the honored philanthropists in financing the programs and activities of the centre whom without we couldn''t reach this success and progress with our chlidren. Special thanks to them for their confidence on Abeer2 and it voulunteers.


The objectives of the centre

The centre aims to provide services to serve children and youth with special needs to rely on themselves
Providing support to the families of children with special needs and guiding them
Working on integrating the disabled children into society through cultural , entertaining , social and sport activities
Providing an established headquarters to meet the parents to vent about their suffering and talk about their experiences and trasferring it to the new members through the meeting of aquaintance
Encouraging the volunteers to join the centre for training , and being a gateway to the world of people with special needs and their families . Also , developing programmes for volunteers to exploit and organize their energies for the benefit of participants status
Giving opportunnity to the participants to get aquainted with the variety of evening and morning programmes at the school
The centre organizes an enjoyable and useful trips , and training courses on horse riding and bowling at the hands of specialists
Reducing the chances of tension and behavioral problems in some cases that need to modify the behavior
Concidering each participant as a secretariat and treating them with respect to highlight their energies with taking into account the individual differences 

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