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Abeer 2 centre
Activities and Programs

Programmes offered

Abeer 2 voluntary centre is an educational and social foundation that provides evening services throughout the year , holidays and summer period in the framework of encouraging volunteerism in the area of special groups . and it works on supporting and taking care of children and youth with special needs in order to improve their abilities and skills according to their individual potentials on the programs offered such as :

The evening programs in educational classes to train participants on life and academic skills after school and confirming it in an atmosphere of love and comfort

The summer camp where the participants enjoy trips , swimming , horse riding and interesting compititions with their friends and families to cool out the temperature of summer on them

The spring camp (sweeter spring) where the participants roam across our beloved country to aquaint and discover the green spring through group visits to the desert and camps and planting their small plants in Kuwait''s land to become always green and beautiful like their bright smiles

The (Knights) program for training on horse riding under the hands of specialists in cooperation with the horse and equestrian club

A training program on bowling in an equipped hall outside the centre

A training program on pronounciation and communication with a pronounciation specialist at the centre

Group trips and programmed visits in order to increase their community and integrating them with the society in the various states of Kuwait


Our achievements

The annual summer camp
The annual spring camp
The evening program
Masqat and Salalah camp
Participating in world disabled day
Opening the centre in the morning period

A specialized course in special education for volunteer teachers
Reception of non-Kuwaiti cases and exempting them from paying fees
A protocol signed with Al Khrafi activity centre for disabled children
A convention with Loyak summer centre to recieve volunteers
The return of the training program in riding horses in the hunting and equestrian club
Designing a special website for Abeer 2 centre on the net
Participating in the exhibition of the medicine collage
Participating in the exhibition of the collage of engineering
Participating in the exhibition of the communication and navigation institute
Providing a smart board

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