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Arab Planning Institute (API)
Activities and Programs

Training Activities
The Institute offers a wide variety of training programs tailored to improve the skills and increase the efficiency of individuals working at various levels of government institutions, and in the private sector.

Its target groups are those involved in the areas of national economic management and implementation of development policies in the Arab countries.

The training programs at API consists of:

4 diplomas

12 specialized certificates

26 One-week programs

API also offers special training programs for high-ranking officials of the Arab countries and, in its role as a consultant, offers tailored programs to specific institutions and organizations. Some of API''s training programs are also available in CD-ROM format.

In its function as a think tank, the API conducts in-house research and studies, and collaborates with experts from other Arab, regional and international institutions. The main focus of these studies is to identify problems and propose solutions for economic and development issues of immediate concern to Arab countries.

API provides consultancy services to Arab governments, regional and international institutions and to the private sector in the areas of Economic Management, Development Policies and Planning.

Consultancy work provided by the Institute consists mainly of studies intended to address the specific needs of the requesting parties and/or training programs that aims to improve the analytical and practical skills of their staff.

Expert-Group Meetings
The API holds conferences, arranges for expert meetings, and conducts conferences, workshops and seminars localy and outside Kuwait on issues pertaining to the Economic and Social Development in the Arab world. These meetings serve as brain-storming fora within which international and regional experts can discuss research findings, exchange views and share opinions about relevant issues for the Arab countries.

The proceedings of API''s research projects and expert-group meetings are issued in various publications both regionally and internationally. API''s Working Papers Series and the Journal of Development and Economic Policies, widely circulated in the Arab region, are the Institute''s main periodic publications. The purpose of these publications is to broaden the knowledge base and focus the vision of decision-makers, practitioners and researchers in the fields of Development and Economic Policy.

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