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Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation
History and Background

Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) was established through decree of the council of ministers on 12 June, 2003 to legally replace the Jordan Export Development and Commercial Centers Corporation. The overall Goals are Trade Promotion, Export Development, Enterprises and Companies Development, and JEDCO’s Organizational Performance Improvement and Development.

To be Jordan’s leading institution for upgrading the industry and promoting Exports. 

Developing Jordanian enterprises and companies to improve their productivity and competitiveness, through adopting high technical methods, skilled and competent staff to benefit:

Our society: through creating sustained economic development and welfare.

Our clients: create value business solution.

Our people: through the creation of meaningful jobs.

Our staff: with opportunities to innovate, contribute and maximize their potentials.
Develop a Comprehensive Trade Promotion & Export Plan.

Regulate and Manage Export Strategies.

Participating in International Trade Fairs & Road Shows and Organizing Trade Delegations.

Increase the Volume of Exports through Enhancing the Competitiveness of Enterprises.

Establishing Trade Centers Abroad.

Enhance Ties with International Trade Related Organizations and Broaden Export Benefits Through New Trade Agreements.

Increase Companies’ Productivity and Improve the Quality of Production.

Carry out JEDCO’s new mission within its new legal and institutional framework.

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of JEDCO by adopting modern administrative and technical methods.

Improve JEDCO’s human resources management practices to enhance staff efficiency and performance.

JEDCO’s Role in the Jordanian Economy
JEDCO plays an important role in implementing government policies to further develop Jordanian exports. JEDCO also assists to expand the geographic distribution of exports, and to improve the quality and value added of Jordanian goods and services.

In recent years, JEDCO has been actively involved in assisting Jordanian exports through its participation in international trade fairs and exhibitions, along with organizing promotional weeks and trade delegations. In addition, JEDCO has been implementing successfully, technical support programs for manufacturing and service industries, and has been providing up-to-date trade and export related information to companies.

JEDCO''s support program has significantly boosted Jordanian exports, and has strengthened Jordan’s presence in both traditional and non-traditional markets.

JEDCO’s Main Strategies
Enhance world market shares of the Core Product Categories.

Value addition.

Export Diversification: Pursue with national alignment and focused resource application, selected Developmental export opportunities where Jordan currently enjoys, or can achieve, a strong competitive edge.

Geographic Expansion: Pursue in the less explored Geography, exports of our Core Products Categories and Services and any other, but significant opportunities.

Traditional partner Countries: Bilateral Trade Enhancement would be achieved with countries where Jordan traditionally/potentially enjoys close relationships.

Leverage International Trade Blocks / Agreements: Enhance market access based on proactive and innovative management of current or emerging world economic / trading blocks and bilateral trading arrangements.

Adopt the National Export Strategy

Co-ordinate efforts of all organizations involved in implementing the strategy.

Monitoring the implementation of strategy.

Selections of most appropriate Specialized trade fairs, based on sectors.

Organizing trade shows in selected countries.

Organizing trade delegations in selected countries.

Participating in International trade fairs.

Pursue enhancement of manufacturing and marketing capabilities.

Pursue efficiencies with a view to achieve value addition and increased competitive strength.

Promoting Jordanian products in the market.

Identifying trade opportunities & communicate them with potential Jordanian companies to work with.

Develop and enhance ties with business support organizations to help create partnerships between Jordanian private sector and their counterparts.

Conduct awareness campaigns and seminars to promote Jordanian exports.

Providing assistance for visiting Jordanian Businessmen.

Organizing trade visits for incoming and outgoing trade missions.

Bolstering ties with International Trade Organization in countries Jordan signed trade agreements with.

Signing new agreements with potential export countries.

Maximizing the benefits of existing trade agreements.

Entering into co-operation agreements with the International Trade organizations.

Educate citizens to increase their participation (quality and quantity-wise) in various economic activities.

JEDCO in alignment with the supply chain management efforts of all partners, must help enhance the exporting and marketing capacity of the SMEs inclusive of adequate finance through the relevant financial institution, and donor programs.

Promote the local economy in order to conform positively to the requirements of world trade.

Assist companies in developing production systems.

Assist companies in installing management and quality systems.

Assist companies in preparing business plans.

Upgrade the level of productive efficiency and promote the culture of quality and excellence in various sectors. 

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