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FAR Sudan
History and Background

FAR facilitates the transformation of Sudan’s vulnerable communities.  Climate and politics challenge livelihoods, health, and quality of life in Sudan.  FAR works with communities to address the root causes of poverty.  FAR is committed to sustainable development and currently has projects in water and sanitation, economic development, food security, peace and conflict transformation, emergency relief, and health.

FAR’s work is rooted in relationships:  it is our desire to build and strengthen long-term relationships with, and within, the communities we serve.  FAR is committed to the people of Sudan.  We begin our projects by listening to communities and then create lasting change by encouraging ownership within communities and the local authorities which serve them.

Although most people outside Sudan have never heard of FAR, we are well known and respected among the Sudanese. FAR practices quiet advocacy, committing energy and resources to sustainable development. 

FAR began in Sudan in 1984.  Today we are one of the largest development organizations in northern Sudan.  We currently have offices in five locations and approximately two hundred staff.  Learn more about FAR’s Story. 


FAR’s Story
FAR began with Emmanuel International’s work with Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and refugees in Eastern Sudan.  Today it is one of the longest-serving development organizations in Sudan. 


Mission, Vision & Values

The causes of poverty and marginalisation are complex; in large part they are rooted in broken relationships. FAR believes God values community and has a special concern for the poor and powerless. FAR is motivated by a Christian desire to reconcile people with each other, with God, and with the environment, and of a Christian responsibility to improve the spiritual, physical, and economic well-being of the marginalised.

FAR’s mission is to facilitate the holistic transformation of vulnerable communities in Sudan and to enable them to address and overcome the root causes of poverty.

FAR’s vision is to empower marginalised people to take responsibility for and build the capacity of their own communities in a sustainable way that leads to reconciliation.

Organizational Values

empowerment of individuals and communities to promote dignity, self-reliance, and social transformation;
relationships with and within FAR and local communities, across political, religious, and ethnic divides;
compassion for all of God’s creation, leading to cultural sensitivity, humble leadership and a desire to see social justice and responsibility;
diversity of perspective, background, and experience;
integration in programming to ensure needs are addressed in a holistic, effective, and efficient way and to build effective participatory partnerships with local communities and community-based organisations;
accountability horizontally and vertically, within FAR, between FAR and its partners and beneficiaries, and within wider society.

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