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Sudanese Red Crescent Society
Activities and Programs

Visions and Future Horizons:

Continue in encouraging and developing decentralization policies to cover all the states of Sudan through the Society''s branches and offices. Delegate more powers to the Society''s branches and boards of directors in steering work at state level.

Proceed forward in developing the capacities of the branches, human and material resources, and provision of the necessary potentials to realize self- reliance.

Recruit new volunteers and stimulate them.

Continue in first aid activities in the community and training of trainers and volunteers to disseminate first aid skills on the level of local communities .

Preparedness to encounter disasters through early warning, strategic stock, and improvement of means of communication and supply.

Dissemination of the basic principles of the International Movement and the International Humanitarian among the volunteers and the local communities at large.

Cooperation with the official bodies with which the Society works as auxiliary body and expansion of the net of communication with other similar societies.

Go on providing aid to the most vulnerable and needy groups in the community and contribute to provision of social services.

Develop the capacities of the local communities in addressing their problems to ensure sustainability of the projects provided to improve their life.


Peace Programs:

Advocate and disseminate culture of peace among the different sectors of the community, and embody this culture in all the training activities of the Society.

Design special programs to serve the armed disputes –affected communities, and give special care to displaced people, refugees, and other citizens living in ex- dispute areas and coterminous areas.

Management of projects in which all sectors of the community participated to include the principles and values of participation in development work.

Run different tapes of joint cultural, social or sports activities, among the clubs in which these activities are practiced, and inculcate the principles of peaceful co- existence between the local communities and the management of these clubs.

Management of development of programs by the Society severally or jointly with others to serve local communities.

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