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The Gurtong Peace Trust Project pursues the goal of reconciliation among South Sudanese by addressing issues which are dividing them. Its aim is the creation of a coalition for the promotion of peace among South Sudanese abroad as well as in South Sudan itself.

Now that a comprehensive peace agreement between North and South Sudan has been signed and is well into its fourth of the six-year interim period, the Gurtong Peace Trust Project has the opportunity to broaden its peace-building and information activities among South Sudanese at home and in the Diaspora. Experience in the last seven years of the project suggests that there are many ways one can support a people''s hope for political stability and respect for each other and for their cultural identities. The project''s programme is operating on three different levels:

It provides, through its website and radio programmes, a non-partisan information platform on, social, political, legal and administrative issues in South Sudan.
It also provides information on and promotes pride in the local cultures of the people of South Sudan.
In addition, the website offers to the South Sudanese around the world a moderated discussion board.

As peace has become a reality and use of the internet and radio broadcast become increasingly wide-spread in South Sudanese cities, towns and villages, the Gurtong Peace Project will already be in a position to intensify assisting, co-ordinating and net-working among local NGOs and civil society organisations in South Sudan.

It has intensified efforts to link the home-based civil society organisations with other South Sudanese community organisations in Europe, Canada, North America and Australia.

Gurtong already has a reputation among South Sudanese for being impartial and devoted to peace promotion and unity among Southerners. This reputation will be taken-advantage of to continue providing as accurately as possible timely information.

All its activities are aimed at encouraging the South Sudanese civil society organisations at home and in the Diaspora to make a positive contribution to peace and development in South Sudan itself.

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