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Knowledge for Iraqi Woman Society
History and Background

An Iraqi NGO, which is non-political and non-profitable. It has clear noble human objectives. Through developing projects, it aims at improving the conditions of the Iraqi women and families. It is financed by the participation of its members and the modest income from its projects. It looks forward to unconditional aid and support from charitable and humanitarian entities.

The society had been registered in the Ministry Of Planning & Development Co-operation. NGO Assistance since 22/ 5/2004 at cod ( 1Z46 ).

It also got the Registration Certificate from the General secretariat of the cabinet NGO Assistance office at 30/10/2006 under number (1Z46 ).

The society is also member of NGO Coordination Committee in Iraq  (NCCI) .

It got some cooperation from different international NGO . (UNAMI, IOM ,MPDL, COOPI,  Life, MH)



The Society aims at developing the women’s information status and at emphasizing their role in constructing the society within the frame of the religious and moral values of the Iraqi society.

Developing the administrative, scientific, educational and artistic abilities and skills of women.

Emphasizing the role of women in the family.  Studying the problems they might face and finding suitable solutions for them.

Paying attention for childhood and attempting to establish a safe and sound generation from all the educational, psychological and health aspects.

Spreading cultural education with regard to human rights, in general, and women’s rights, in particular.

Improving the Iraqi women’s abilities to take their roles in the social, political and economic fields.

Working hard to spread the sprits of love, unity and cooperation among all the groups of the society.

Communicating with different societies, organizations, research centers and concerned parties.

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