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The Iraq Memory Foundation plans to house in a single newly designed and carefully chosen site in central Baghdad the following ongoing projects:

A Documentation Project

An Oral Histoy Project

A Museum of Remembrance

A Public Outreach Program

A Reseach Program

A Liaison and Coordinating Center

Placing the Iraqi Experience


1. A Documentation Project
expanding and developing the Iraq Research and Documentation Project (IRDP). Today the main holding of the Iraq Memory Foundation (MF) consist of the North Iraq Dataset, a collection of 2.4 million pages of official Iraqi documents captured by Iraqi Kurdish groups during the 1991 uprising; the Kuwait Dataset, a collection of 750,000 pages of Iraqi documents captured in Kuwait after its liberation by Coalition forces in 1991; and the Ba’th Regional Command Collection, approximately 3.0 million pages gathered from Ba’th Party Regional Command Headquarters in Baghdad following the fall of Saddam in 2003.

2. An Oral History Project
An Iraqi Oral History on Film Project to film and archive the in-depth stories of many hundreds of survivors or first-hand witnesses to atrocity.

3. A Museum of Remembrance
The Iraq Memory Foundation plans a museum of remembrance containing cultural artifacts, both those produced to legitimate atrocity in Iraq, and those produced to protest it. The museum will cover what was done to all of Iraq’s communities, from the anti-Semitism of the late 1960s and the Anfal operations against Kurdish Iraqis, to the campaign against the Shi’i Iraqis which culminated in the mass killings of 1991. The MF will request that the Coalition Provisional Authority take possession of all major torture instruments captured by the Coalition, which will be relocated to the MF offices in the “Crossed Swords” complex.

4. A Public Outreach Program
A Public Outreach Project intended to train elementary and secondary school teachers, current and future, with methods and materials designed to help children face what happened in Iraq 1968-2003. This might be similar in function to the Facing History and Ourselves curricula.

5. A Research Program
A Research Project linked to the future Iraqi university system providing trained librarians and a fully indexed archive of first hand materials to facilitate future research on the 1968-2003 period.

6. A Liaison and Coordinating Center
whose function is to link up with and support Iraqi human rights-related NGOs. The center would ensure that the works of the NGOs would have a space to exhibit its activities.

7. Placing the Iraqi Experience
in its global context. While unique in its details, the Iraqi experience of suffering and oppression is part of a larger history of pain and injustice at the shared human level. The Iraq Memory Foundation plans to engage international institutions of similar mandate in a program of cooperation. The Iraqi public will learn more of the experiences of other communities, and an international audience will better understand the Iraqi experience. This cooperation will take the form of exhibits, publications, and audio-visual programs.

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