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Kurdish Human Rights Watch
Activities and Programs

Listed below are the services that KHRW offers at its sites.
(Certain programs are offered at selected sites):

Social Services – Assist clients with various social service needs.
Ethnic Organizing/Integrating – Assist refugees to achieve self-sufficiency and integration under guidance of local leadership and linkages to mainstream community organizations. Develop Community-Based Organizations at different communities.
ESL & VESL Classes Vocational English and English as a Second Language.
Individual Development Account & Micro-enterprise – A matched savings program in order to assist low-income refugee families obtain assets such as to: start small businesses, become home owners, and help youth go to college and achieve higher education.
Employment Services– Assist clients with finding employment and refer clients to organizations that provide employment services and training.
Translation and Interpretation – Provide translation and referral for education, and medical documents, from Arabic, Farsi, and Kurdish to English and vice versa.
Mentoring – Link refugees/immigrants with volunteers and programs that provide guidance and assistance with integrating into the local community.
Health and Nutrition – Provide life skills training to newcomers, refugees and IDPs on health and nutrition, especially for maternal issues, infants and children.
Women Issues – Teach cultural awareness regarding customs, relationships conflicts, legal actions, parenting and domestic violence prevention.
Youth Services – Offer guidance and activities for youth and parents to assist in family wellness and their integration into the local community.
Homebound/Elderly – Outreach Provide Services to homebound women and elderly to help them achieve active and fulfilling lives.
Transitional Housing and Support – Assist homeless families in making the transition to economic and social self-sufficiency.
Family Enrichment – Provide training and coaching to couples and parents to help them develop healthy marriages and effective parenting.
Women and Democracy – Teach women to become more proactive in the emerging Iraqi democracy through raised awareness and education of the importance of civic participation. Pediatric Emergency Care – Coordinate logistics with U.S. medical facilities to provide medical treatment to Iraqi children diagnosed with rare illnesses or diseases.
Vocational Skills for Women – Provide homebound women, skills such as sewing to assist them in establishing home-based small business for income generation.
Capacity-Building for KRG Ministers – educate representatives regarding U.S. social service sector and transfer that knowledge to update their social service programs in Iraq.
Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance in Iraq – Renovate small shelters, minor rehabilitation of schools and roads, and provide potable water.

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