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Alhasanain Iraqi Benevolent Society AIBS
History and Background

Alhasanain Iraqi Benevolent Society AIBS


The Society was established in Baghdad on the 1st October 2003.

Headquarter: Baghdad.

It has humanitarian aims to provide medical and other relief services to all Iraqis. The Society has no political, ethnic, governmental or national trends.

Principle founders are Iraqi citizens, came together with an aim to help all those Iraqis who need medical or social help. Donations are made for humanitarian purposes.

The direct goals: to give ultimate possible help and care within Society''s capacity, to all Iraqis who seek medication, medical care, which they can not get through hospitals of public sector, as well as helping students in their higher education fees.

The Society underscores the following specialties:

Relief assistance, charities to sick Iraqis and those who are in need.

Building shelters (houses, medical centers, hospitals, specialized medical centers,
rehabilitation centers, etc) to achieve the goals.

Free periodic medical check ups to those registered, by the society''s doctors, and giving free medications to them and to those who are incapable to buy it.

Liaising with concerned hospitals to fulfill all medical needs of cancer patients, chronic heart patients, and mental patients.

The Society will independently make every endeavor to achieve its aims throughout its offices, and in close cooperation with other humanitarian societies, governmental and non-governmental establishments.
Intended services:

Having offices inside Iraq and abroad for the purpose of enhancing and widening medical and humanitarian services.

HR bureau: will contact and coordinate with offices, ministries, and other humanitarian entities for the purpose of helping the sick people and widening health awareness.

Women bureau: concern with all women rights, and helping in all family and infants affairs.

Projects construction  bureau: deals with all maintenance and supply of all projects related to medical field and laboratories.

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