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History and Background

Foundation of the association

Friendship & Fraternity Association was established in May 2003 by the Eng. Median R. Heydar.

It was associated with doctors, engineers, lawyers, businessmen and others. The association is an independent one, it has no political tendency, the association includes several departments like: The Engineering department, which is considered to be as the spinal column and the main pillar of the association and all its responsibilities.

This department depends upon self income, by building and reconstruction works in order to get success in the association humanitarian projects.
The man and environment protection department, which is one of the most important department in the association and its very basic matters.

It has also suffered too much, because of the false practices taken by the X-regime. Others departments are: Trading, Media, Legal Medical and Import departments. In addition there is the women cultural union project: The project aim is to develop the women abilities in foreign language, computer, and all the modern techniques which are eligible to her work, like in all global companies and foundations.

The most important aim of the association is reinforcing the good relationship among the Iraqis and neighboring people.
This association had established on the new age brotherhood and loyalty of the Iraqis.
The secret of her continuance is in the commitment she feels for Friendship & Fraternity.


The association aims:
The association believes that the development of Iraq is the best way to establish good relationships among Iraqi people and nations. Our association aims are as the following: A pure interaction among Iraqi people and the neighboring countries represented by (Kuwaiti, Saudi Arabian, Jordanian, Syrian, Turkish, Iranian) and with all other friendly people in the world.
Aims at deepening humanitarian, social, economical and commercial cooperation among Iraqi people and the neighboring people to serve the common benefit.
Cooperation with all other humanitarian associations in the world that may serve the common and legitimate issues of Iraqi people and the people of the countries that these humanitarian associations belong to.
Participation in all local activities that have direct relations with the interest of the association works and its aims.

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