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Activities and Programs

Charitable projects

Friendship & Fraternity Association was established with the support of God in 10th of May 2003, after the fall of the X-Regime.
This association aims at different activities and contributions which includes deepening the links of love and cooperation among Iraqi people and the neighboring countries, we hope to prosper this phase by next year because we have no chance now a days to avoid stagnation in the activities and the contributions of the association.
The association has charitable projects from 10th of Sept. 2003 to 10th of Sept. 2004, they are as follow:

Delivering the presents of child''s smile project
Delivering the free treatment cards project
Rebuilding the homes of Martyrs'' families
Rehabilitation of Musa Al-Kadhum for Handicap Political Prisoners
Eid happiness project
Supplying T. shirts for poor workers
Batool project for educating women
Appointing employees in Foreign and Arabic companies
Distributing winter clothes
Building parks and playgrounds

We have also other charitable projects but they are now under the discussion and decision.
We hope to start them by 10th of Jan. 2004, these projects are:

Industrial mills for the crippled political prisoners
The women cultural center with kindergarten

We want to inform you that our association financial resources come from the profits of its engineering bureaus.


Finished Projects

Friendship and Fraternity Association (FFA) had finished via its engineering bureaus (Al-Muhandes Bureau, Al-Sakharah Bureau) or other branch-bureaus, some projects from 10th of May 2003 to Sept. 2003, some of these projects are:

First Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the military buildings like:
Police Head Quarter
Basrah police station
The park of Basrah police station
Building of the criminal evidences
The Al-Rubat police station
The Al-Hadi police station
The Al-Tanuma police station

Second Projects with Bechtel International System Rehabilitation and reconstruction of several schools in Basrah

Third Projects with Cesvi Rehabilitation and reconstruction of several schools in Al-Zubeer with the company which is pre-mentioned

Fourth Projects with Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the building of the state company for wood and iron in Basrah.

Fifth Contribution with the final measurement and submission of detail engineering studies and papers to CMOC (ORHA), some of these papers are:
Basrah Agriculture building
The main court building in Basrah
Cooling stores in Al-Guzaizah stores

Bechtel projects

Different Schools in Basrah city
Different Schools in Al Nasriya City
3-Different Clinics in Basrah city


The association has other tasks like:

First: The association cooperates sincerely with all the humanitarian organizations for the interest of Iraqi people.

Second: The association presents the chance for the people to work and helps poor people as much as possible via the humanitarian aids that arrive to the association.

Third: The association presents free medical services for all people.

Fourth: The association presents through its engineering bureaus in participation with all projects and tenders concerning the reconstruction of Iraq.

Fifth: The association presents through its commercial bureaus and loading and unloading bureaus in participation in all trading agencies.

Sixth: The association participates with any humanitarian sub-centers that are presented by the medical and humanitarian organizations.

Seventh: The association presents the scientific experiences whether they are logical, medical, engineering, technical and environment protection and put them in the services of rebuilding Iraq and in the services of humanitarian organizations that work in Iraq.

Eighth: The association presents the experiences and scientific, professional technical consults for all Iraqi citizens with a low price that neither effects on the citizens nor opposites with the laws.

Ninth: The association exchanges the experiences with all its types with the similar associations inside and outside Iraq.

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