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Staff and Members

Members of chief board

The board chief- Eng.Medyan R. Hayder

First deputy-Lieutenant-Commander Tariq A. Abd Ali
Second deputy-Lieutenant-General Dr.Abdul-wahab A.. Wahaeeb
Secretary- Eng. Muthanna H.Dhamad.
Treasurer-Mr.Majid A.Yosif
A representative member of lawyers-Lawyer Sua''ad S. Dawood
A member of doctors-Dr.Asa''ad A.
A member of engineers-Eng.Waleed K. Yaseer
A member of man and environment protection\Eng.Ali S. Mohammed
A representative member of women-Eng. Hanaa M. I braheem
A member of media and public relations-Mrs. Saba Abdulmehdi Sukar
A member of business men-Jawad K.Nuri
A representative member of branches


Secondary members

A representative member of lawyers-Lawyer Suha N. Saleh
A member of doctors-Dr.Hanan H.Damad
A member of engineers-Eng.Shatha S.Mohammed Hussein
A member of man and environment protection-Linda D. Habeeb
A representative member of women\Eng. Samaher F. Jassim
A member of media-Raaeda N . Nakeas
A representative member of business men-Adil A. Abd Ali

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