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Iraqi Widows Organization
History and Background

Iraqi Widows Organization is a non-governmental Iraqi Organization issued on January  9, 2004. The headquarter is in Ad-Diwaniyah City; with branches in Baghdad. We are one of the Civil Society Organizations working in the new Iraq. The Organization is registered as one of the working non-governmental Iraqi organizations in the non-Governmental Organizations Center of the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation under the No. 1Z4024.

The Organization took as its main duty supporting Iraqi women, especially the widows, materially and incorporeally, and raising women living status in every possible and available way by providing job opportunities and funding sources for appropriate programs. The Organization seeks to educate Iraqi women and make them conscious of ways help in strengthening their activity in their society and raising their status to be similar to other women in the civilized communities and in every possible side to make Iraqi women capable of taking active role in creating the future of the New Iraq.

The Organization also seeks to take the initiative to fight the discrimination against the woman, making the woman aware of her rights and duties, ending the injustice women suffered during the period of the previous regime, and supporting women in taking their role in forming the Constitution of the New Iraq and voting to achieve their hopes and what they are looking for in the new society being formed.

Statistics indicates that the number of widows in Diwanyah is 7,000. The members of the Organization took on their shoulders changing the hard conditions of this number of women economically and socially by offering short-term loans to be paid on monthly payments. These loans are available for small businesses that make women have living income and provide them with extra income for their social activities in this critical period of our country conditions. The programs we adopt include computer training programs, training on dress-making, embroidering, offering gifts in festivities and social occasions.

The Organization Objectives:
The main objective of the organization is to raise the widows'' reality to be participant and productive member in building the civil society regardless the religion, ethnic or race and the qualitative objective of the organization is to provide the material and psychological support to the widows.

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