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Iraqi Widows Organization
Mechanism of Operation

Objectives Achievement methodology:

1- Submitting a study counting the number of the widows in the city and register them in the organization data base and issuing to them Ids.

2 – Grant a loan to the widows between (50-250) thousands Iraqi Dinners so that they can use them to start small projects and then they can pay them back monthly with a benefit of 4% yearly.

3- Longing to make the widow acquire the vocational skills and the   experience throughout training courses inside the organization like  a training course in sewing , computer skills , reading, writing ,cooking ……etc.

4- Submitting projects and local markets so that the widows can display their own products in away that the organization provides job opportunities to ensure a stable monthly incomes, e.g. an opening a kindergarten for the kids, internet café, Chechen fields, flowers growing.

5- Trying to get the authorizations in the different economical activities from the Iraqi and the foreign companies so that the organization has the financial ability that contributes in supporting the organization activities.         

6- Celebrating yearly after the organization foundation to choose the typical widow and presenting gifts in the feasts particularly to the widows who unable to work.

7- Attending the conferences inside and outside the country which their activities are concerned with the organization objectives that leads to develop the work and make it better.

8-Taking care of the orphans and presenting material and physical aids and developing their skills throughout their participation in a vocational training course.

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