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Iraqi Social Education Team
Activities and Programs

ISET Recent Activities

ISET carried on the analyzing process for the election monitoring data from all over Iraq for EIN (Election Information Network).


ISET has monitored the election for the first time using the (SMS) in some stations in Baghdad/ Al-Karkh; Where 150 volunteers participated in this new experiment after having training about how to encode the election violations and how to send them.


15-7-2008 to 30-1-2009
ISET has participated in monitoring:

·      Updating the voters’ registry.

·      The Candidates’ advertisement campaigns.

·      The special voting centers (Hospitals, Jails, and military camps)

·      The Election Day of the Provinces Council with 650 monitors.

In Baghdad/ Al-Karkh within EIN Election Information Network.


1-7-2008 to 30-10-2008
ISET has held the “Election Awareness Campaign” in Baghdad in cooperation with UNOPS and the Awareness Electoral Forum. ISET carried out many activities during this campaign:

·   Training of trainers to 24 participants.

·   The participants hold 50 workshop targeting 1653 participants.

·   Group discussion with 23 participants.

·   And a conference with 54 participants.

By the end of this campaign ISET could list many suggestions about the election from the workshops and the group discussion to be announced in the final conference.


16-4-2008 to 20-4-2208
Through the education program on elections monitoring which was held by EIN “Election Information Network” in cooperation with Amman Center for Human Rights Studies, ISET trainers participated in holding workshops with more than 210 participants in Baghdad.


The Iraqi Social Education Team (ISET) organized a training workshop for one day about the elections monitoring in which a number of activists in the field of elections and from various organizations which participated in monitoring elections and referendum on the constitution in 2005 and worked under the supervision and coordination of the Iraqi Social Education Team (ISET).


1-2-2008 to 13-12-2008
Let’s Advocate Together

ISET had implemented “Let’s Advocate Together” in cooperation with the National Endowment for Democracy. The program consisted of the flowing activities:

-    Preparing and printing 2000 training manual about advocacy campaigns.

-    Holding six training session for local NGOs in Baghdad with 154 participants (73 female and 81 male).

-    Holding three meetings for academics and lawyers from Baghdad to discuss advocacy campaigns with 64 participants (24 female and 40 male).


ISET has participated in a "Towards an Effective Human Rights Protection System in Iraq" conference during the "Nurturing Human Rights in Iraq Program" which was implemented by UNOPS in cooperation with and support of EU and UNDP. Moreover, ISET was awarded during this conference for its remarkable participation in this program.


ISET has held a workshop in cooperation with the International Youth Association during the Democracy and Civic Education Program in Baghdad.


15-4-2007 to 15-7-2007
ISET has executed the Iraqi Constitution Editing Dialogue Program with the cooperation of the United Nations Office for Project Services.


Preparing "Suggestions about the Constitution Editing" Booklet.

Preparing, distributing and collection 1250 questionnaires.

Publishing 2000 booklet.

Training of the facilitators.

Holding 40 workshops.

1-4-2007 to 1-6-2007
ISET has participated in the National Anti-corruption Campaign program.


Preparing "Hand by hand to eliminate Corruption" Booklet.

Preparing, distributing and collection 400 questionnaires.

Publishing 1000 booklet.

Holding 30 workshops.

Holding 4 meetings with the members of the local councils.

ISET participated in an advocacy training workshop, as part of the Youth for Human Rights program, which had started 3 months ago. This program included studding about advocacy online with 75 participants from different Arab countries.

ISET has joined the fallow up committee for the Democratic Fix and Change Network in the Arab world.

ISET also became responsible of the Iraqi page in the net website(www.islahnet.net).

ISET has participated according to an invitation from EQUITAS (Human Rights Canadian foundation) in the "Enhancing Teaching Human Rights in Iraq" program.

15-8-2006 to 15-12-2006
Design and execute the Training of trainers in human rights and advocacy program two phases. 78 participants have participated in this program from 37 local NGOs in Baghdad.

(Improve the level of training on human rights and advocacy for Iraqi NGOs(

Program Objectives: 

Improve the abilities of particular individuals from different NGOs in training in human rights and advocacy.

Highlight the importance of the trainers in the structure of the NGO.

Easy and better access to the training materials (human rights and advocacy) for anyone who is interested in these subjects (create a website).

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