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Arab Federation for Engineering Industries
History and Background

Founding of the Federation

Engineering Industries are of great importance to the Arab World economic development. In recent years, they have been experiencing a rapid growth thanks to the wide industrialization programs undertaken by Arab countries after the end of colonization. Substantial efforts are continually devoted to Engineering Industries.

Thus the idea of founding a federation was launched as a fundamental step in the development progress of Arab countries. The actual situation of Arab Engineering Industries is differ from one country to another. But, progressively moving from light industries (repair and maintenance) to heavy industries (such as automobile, machine and equipment manufacturers).

No Arab country has achieved a real industry. Yet, even if some countries have built giant complexes with capacities exceeding their national needs.

In order to bring about coordination and integration among those industries, and following the recommendations of the Third Arab Industrial Meeting in Tripoli, Libya (April 7-14,1974), the State Organization for Engineering Industries (Iraq), took initiative with the Council for Arab States and the Industrial Development Center for Arab States (IDCAS) to convene a meeting of all Arab countries with the objective of establishing the Federation for Engineering Industries.

The meeting took place in Baghdad from 27-29 December, 1975 It was attended by four Arab countries (Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait and Iraq) and representatives from the Economic Unity Council for Arab States, the IDCAS, the Engineering Design Development Center and the Egyptian Industries Federation.

The meeting established the Arab Federation for Engineering Industries,headquarters in Baghdad, which is temporarily operated from Damascus, Syria.

Definition of Engineering industries

Engineering industry are defined as manufacturing industries in mechanical, electrical and electronic fields. These industries produce machinery, tools, transport appliances which use metal as primary and essential raw materials, fields in which the activities of the Arab Iron and steel Union will be complementary.



The Federation is a non-profit organization in order to fostering cooperation and coordination in the field of Arab Engineering Industries.

To help members market their products in the Arab markets , and to deal with the international markets as a cooperative group .

To help members procure their requirements of raw materials , intermediate materials and production requirements at the best available terms. To facilitate the exchange of these materials among the Arab countries .

To furnish members with statistics, commercial , economic and technical information relating to Engineering Industries.

To help improve the vocational , technical and professional capabilities of the staff working in Engineering Industries by organizing regular training programs

To help in the coordination and integration of all activities of the members by all available means in cooperation with the other Arab institutions .

To help members in solving their problems that fall within the scope of the Federation, when such help is sought .

To carry and execute technical and economical feasibility studies either by itself or in cooperation with other parties and institutions concerned with Engineering Industries.

To help members to acquire “ Know – How rights “ from all over the industrial world and to encourage the exchange of “ Know – How “ among members in order to benefit the Arab countries as much as possible.

To act as reconciliator and arbitrator in disputes between members and non – members, whenever required.

To cooperate with other Arab and foreign federations and similar organizations in all fields of concern to the Federation. Organize and participate the Arab and international seminars and conferences. To cooperate with Arab and international institutions with similar objectives.

To issue periodicals , publications and reviews which serve the objectves of the Federation.

To cooperate with other Arab institutions to establish pan – Arab companies in Arab regions to assit in coordinating and integrating in the field of Engineering Industries.

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