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Malta Employers' Association(MEA)
Organizational Structure

The Council
The Association''s statute provides that the affairs of the Association shall be conducted by a Council composed as follows: -

1. Eight persons elected at the Annual General Meeting from and by the general Membership in accordance with procedures laid down in Article 10 of this Statute, provided that no Member may occupy more than one seat in this category;

2. One representative of each constituted Sector Group elected by the members of the relative Group in accordance with detailed procedures laid down in the Association''s Statute, provided that no Member may occupy more than one seat in this category;

3. The immediate Past President; (ex-officio)

4. An Honorary President, if so appointed;

5. Persons nominated by Affiliated Members.;

6. No Member may occupy more than one seat on the Council. This clause does not however apply to the Honorary President or to any persons nominated by affiliated members.

7. Unless a member of the Council ceases to be a member of such Council at an earlier date, a member of the Council shall hold office until the election of a new Council. The President however is to continue to hold office until a new President is elected.


The election of a new Council is held every two years.  The elections will be held in February during the Annual General Meeting of that year.

The candidates elected will hold office for a period of two years until the next elections.

All members who are entitled to vote at a General meeting have the right to vote at such election, as also to propose or to second a Member or his appointed representative for election.

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