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SHAML - Palestinian Refugee & Diaspora Center
Staff and Members
- Director of Shaml: Awad Mansour - director@shaml.org
- Program Officer: Elena Qleibo - program@shaml.org
- Project Coordinator: Mustafa Sheta - coordinator@shaml.org
- Accountant: Niveen Massou - finance@shaml.org
- Administrative Assistant: Sanabel Halawani - info@shaml.org
- IT Consultant: Amjad Abuzaidamaz - aid@hotmail.com
- Scientific Advisor, Fund Raiser and Member of the Board of Trustees of Shaml: Sari Hanafi, (Ph. D. sociology, senior researcher) - hanafi@alqudsnet.com
Oral History Project Scientific Director: Lena Jayyusi , (Ph. D. Sociology) -  Lenajayy@yahoo.com
Board of Trustees : 
- Board Director: Eugene Cotran, (Judge, London) - chris.cotran@virgin.net 
- Board - Deputy Director and Head of Administration Committee: Asad Abd Rahman, (Ph. D. Political Science, Executive member of PLO, former director of Refugee Department at PLO, Amman) -  basil16@go.com.jo
- Daoud Barakat, (political scientist, former ambassador of PLO in Moscow and Vienna, Ramallah)  barakat@palnet.com
- Fathiyya Nasro, (Ph. D. Education, Head of Education Department, Birzeit University).  fnasru@yahoo.com
- Mohammed Laham, (Popular Committee, Duhaisha Camp) 
- Mohammed Al Mobaid, (Ph.D. Policies, USA) - malmbaid@yahoo.com
- Mohammed Shadid, (Ph. D. Political Science, Head of Welfare Association Consortium) - mshadid@pngo-project.org
- Rawya Al Shawwa, (Deputy, PLC) - rawya1@hotmail.com
- Samer Abdallah, (French Maitrise, Financial manger, Ramallah) - amerabda@yahoo.com
- Sulafa Hajjawi, (Master, political science, Director of Palestinian Center for planning, Gaza) - sulafahijjawi@hotmail.com
- Sulayman Fahmawi, (Engineer in GIS, Um Al Fahm)  - soliman_fahmawi@hotmail.com
- Walid Al Awad, (Refugee Affair Department of PLO, Gaza) - alawad39@hotmai.com
- Zinab Habash, (MA. Educational administration and supervisor, General secretary,  Ministry of Education, A writer and a poet, Ramallah) -  z_habash7@yahoo.com Website  www.zeinab-habash.ws
- Abbas Shiblak, (MA. Legal Studies, Researcher). ashib@tiscali.co.uk
- Sharif Kana'neh, (Ph. D. of Anthropology,  Professor at Birzeit University) tarik@palnet.com
- Ahmad Hanaun, (Department of Refugees Affair, PLO) ahmad_hanaun@hotmail.com
- Anis Barghouthi, (Former Ambassador of PLO in Washington, former head of Department of Expatriate Affair in Ministry of Foreign Affair) anbarghouty@yahoo.com
- Mays Warrad (Secretariat of Refugees Affair) maysecretariat@yahoo.com
- Jihad Abu Zunied (Director of Women Center in Shufat Refugee Camp) jihad_242@yahoo.com 
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