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Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation
History and Background

When Arab Bank took the initiative to set aside a portion of its annual profits to set up the Foundation in 1978, in the name of Abdul Hameed Shoman, founder of Arab Bank, it was in fact seeking to create an institution through which to honor the principles that this visionary entrepreneur stood for, foremost among them, his deep belief in the importance of exerting maximum efforts to lay down the foundation of Arab progress, by supporting the national economy, and at the same time, paying utmost care to encouraging scientific research and humanities studies. This stems from the conviction that the way for uplifting Arab society depends on simultaneously building a scientific base and focusing on cultural enlightenment.

Since its founding, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation has constituted a cultural and scientific phenomenon in the Arab world, and it developed into a catalyst for private sector’s involvement in supporting culture, sciences and arts, and the dissemination of scientific reasoning whose objective is uplifting the nation.
Hence, the Foundation has contributed to supporting scientific research and humanities studies, with the objective of providing the means for elevating the causes of science and culture, and taking part in encouraging the emergence of new generations of scientists and scholars in Jordan and Arab countries, by giving out annual awards as incentives. This in addition to making available the proper climate required for research by means of establishing an advanced library, and utilizing information systems in a way that would make it easier for researchers to keep up to date with the latest developments, and to follow up on all published research in the Arab world and the world at large, in the age of scientific and technological information.

 Along with this attention paid to science, scientists and researches, there has been an analogous attention paid to culture and thought, embodied by Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Forum. The Forum, which is visited by citizens of various leanings and social groupings, constitutes a free platform that hosts the most pronounced of Arab intellectuals, scientists, educators and innovators, and its activities constantly attract Jordanian and Arab intellectual forces.

The Foundation enjoys a place of prominence on the Arab scientific and cultural scene, and maintains strong ties of cooperation with intellectual, scientific and literary institutions and centers in the Arab world. Moreover, the Foundation is keen on supporting educational associations and institutions, and research centers, and holding scientific and research seminars. It has contributed to various forms of creative works, be it through direct contact with creative individuals or through contact with similar institutions and scientific centers in Jordan and the Arab world.

The Foundation has adopted a series of scientific and cultural approaches in order to achieve its objectives. Material in this guide will touch on these approaches, which vary from support for scientific research, intellectual and cultural communication, to other approaches in the fields of science and culture.


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