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Sustainable Development Association (SDA)
Mechanism of Operation

SDA serves as an interface tool between the Private Sector and the Public Sector on the one ‎hand, and Youth on the other hand and this role has to be in action via the civil society ‎organizations. Our aim is to help the Youth to believe in themselves and their dreams. We want ‎everyone to come up with meaningful ideas and creative projects to serve their local community ‎& their country on the local level and the WORLD on the global one. SDA will help youth make ‎their voices heard. ‎
Opportunities for Youth:‎
is established, managed, developed by Youth, which is its MAIN TARGET. What SDA offers ‎are, to mention a few;  ‎
‎*Projects ‎
‎*Scholarships ‎
‎*Workshops ‎
‎*Educating Sessions ‎
‎*Volunteering Services ‎
Our people … Our Capacity:‎

The people who drive the SDA (Sustainable Development Association) activities at executive and ‎operational level are a remarkable set of Alexandrian active Youth. Drawn from many studying ‎backgrounds, experiences, the success of the SDA programs to date is entirely attributable to the ‎vision and energy of a small group of dynamic characters, each of whom is a leader in their own ‎right.‎

The mainstay and driver of the SDA activities vision is, of course, the highly motivation of very ‎well educated, intellectual youth whom are fond of research and scientific learning, the youth ‎members of the SDA brings a sub-continental charm and energy to our work which is both ‎inspiring and irresistible.‎
The human resource philosophy of the SDA programs is to develop a team which reflects the ‎diversity of global projects, and possesses the skill-sets required to achieve its goals. At time of ‎writing the SDA Team has, at varying times, drawn staff from several professions and ‎backgrounds.‎
The professional experience required in the SDA Team ranges widely. Management skills are, of ‎course, essential.
The SDA board brings a special blend of youth experiences in project ‎management to the team. Particular strengths are identifying institutional synergies, designing ‎training curricula and developing opportunities for the marginalized and under-represented.‎
Providing and supporting us world class leadership and governance to the SDA programs who is ‎a proven development leader of the caliber Dr. Ismail Serageldin former vice-president of the ‎World Bank and the Director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina.‎


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