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Green society
History and Background

Green Society is an organization dedicated to connecting consumers, professionals and businesses of the Green Industry.  We offer Exclusive access to a private online community with a green marketplace. Members receive many special benefits including Wholesale Discounts, Access to a Social Network and a Community Marketing Program. 

Organization Structures

The Green Society is composed of two not-for profits, an association and corporation. Since 2004 we have been conducting research and development in the ever expanding green movement, during this time we’ve been planting seeds of our vision through a grassroots marketing campaign. The Green Society has established a trinity of strategic organizations that will allow us to function as an effective NGO (non-government organization)

Structure: A Private Charitable Foundation created in the state of Nevada in 2005

Structure Strengths: This structure was chosen because the beneficiaries are the programs of the foundation.

Purpose: The foundation will manage the village development and create the education programs.

Vision: The vision is to build green society villages in parts of the world that would benefit from the educational programs. We also wish to showcase our members green projects and programs

Green Society Vision

Our vision is to create a "Green Society".  We plan to do this by building a massive internet community of green businesses and consumers trading products and services, this contributes to the development of co-op based thrivable eco-villages.

We believe this can be accomplished by the combination of several factors: driving consumer capital (which is 65%+ of US GDP) towards green products and services, supporting small green businesses, offering incentives to members for helping to build the community and by directing GS funds towards programs dedicated at acquiring hard assets like Silver, Gold and Sustainable Real Estate holdings.

We are allocating the majority of all GS net profits obtained from sales and member-to-member exchanges toward the development of fully sustainable "Green Society Villages."  Within these developments we intend to offer "Green" memberships which will provide a fractional ownership of the sustainable community. 

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