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Green society
Activities and Programs

Green Education Programs

The foundation will have a series of evolving programs to educate members about the concepts of incorporating green techniques into their daily living. Some of the programs will include

  • Permaculture of living space
  • Internal Microbiology of Human Ecosystem
  • Identifying True Needs for Survival and Thrivability
  • Biodynamic and Aquaponic Farming
  • Bio-Dome Construction
  • Creating Local Resources Based Economies
  • Green Society Member’s Projects and Programs

Green Education Programs

Members can apply for grants pertaining to the development of Green Society Villages in their local areas. Federal grants for green construction are plentiful with billions literally available. There are twenty six different agencies that offer over 1,000 grant programs. The grants that apply to green construction are mostly offered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The total amount of grants available exceeds $400 billion dollars.

Structure: An Unincorporated Association created in the state of California in 2006.

Structure Strengths: This structure was chosen because of its co-op contracting capabilities.

Purpose: The association will manage the assets and eco-share contracts.

Vision: The vision is to create a cooperative of members that have shared stewardship the green society’s collective assets. The membership agreement will be a unified contract that has a direct focus on creating a green society. 

Founding Members: Casey James is the General Manager. Stephen Arthur is the Co-Manager. Both are members on the board of directors.


Collective Stewardship of Assets

Each member will share in decision making and stewardship of the Association’s assets. The association membership agreement will give the member access to a collective group percentage. This will grant them an eco-share contract for all Green Society Villages and access to additional association assets as they become available.

Structure: A Not-For Profit Corporation created in the state of Nevada in 2008.

Structure Strengths: This structure was chosen due to its corporate status and graceful membership reporting.

Purpose: The exchange manages the third party record keeping and payout services.

Vision: The vision is to create a thriving internet nexus that showcases our member’s products and services. We will maintain member activity and security through our internal private trade system.

Complementary Currency: Green Society Trade Dollars


Exchange Membership Benefits

Profile: This will be the member’s information portal to upload images,  testimonials, contact information, location, products and services.

Web directory: Members content info will be searchable and listed in our directory.

Community Marketing: Member’s will receive exposure through our marketing program, green society showcases , green event promotions and webinars.

Exchange Bank Account: Member’s will have an account in our secured banking system, this account is for purchasing of Green Society Currencies and making registered exchanges.

Toll Free Info Line: Member’s will have an extension on our toll free phone system. This will allow the member to record information about products and/or services, and then connect the purchasing member directly to them. This service is available for 3.9 cents per minute.

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