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African Conservation Foundation
Staff and Members


Arend de Haas
Director - Conservation
Arend is a conservationist with over 15 years of experience with conservation and sustainable community projects. His research and field experience areas include primatology, ungulate ecology, nocturnal animals, laser altimetry, forest biodiversity and vegetation mapping in Africa, Asia and Europe. Currently he is involved in wildlife and forest conservation, tree planting programmes and environmental education in Tanzania, Kenya and Cameroon.

John Parkin
Technical Director

John Parkin holds an MSc. in Education Management, is a former teacher and former Head of Information Technology. His 35 years of teaching experiences in the UK, and since 1999 also in African countries, includes curriculum and course development, training needs assessments as well as delivery of training to students and professionals.

Julius Muchemi
Country Director - Kenya
Julius is an environmentalist with over 15 years of experience in education, conservation, spatial and web-based information technologies, and grassroot rural development initiatives. His research, training and development areas include community-based natural resource management; lecturing secondary, tertiary institutions of higher learning; design and implementation of rural conversation projects. He holds a Bsc (Agriculture) Postgraduate Diploma (Education), and Master in Environmental Science and is currently pursuing his PhD in the same field.

Lorraine Dunk
Lorraine Dunk is Director of the International Tree Foundation, former CEO of the Landscape Design Trust (UK), former head of department of the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO, UK) and former Managing Director of the Environmental Investigation Agency (UK). She has more than 5 years of experience in East and Southern Africa as a General Manager and Regional Director of Macmillan Publishers Ltd. Lorraine has an MSc in Biodiversity and an MSc in European Studies.

Louis Nkembi
Country Director - Cameroon
Louis is a natural resources specialist with over 10 years of experience in conservation, rural development and community-based project development. His research and field experience areas include social aspects of biodiversity conservation, great apes, community-based forestry management, forestry governance and environmental policy, livelihood development, protected area management, education and capacity building as well as administrative and financial management.

Terry Harnwell
Raised in Africa, and founder of the organisation in the United Kingdom, Terry has 30 years of management and communications experience in Africa, Australia and the UK. She has been involved in conservation since the 1970s. Terry has also been an executive committee member of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania (WCST), Arusha branch. She is currently looking at opportunities to set up a wildlife rehabilitation centre and sanctuary in East or Southern Africa.


Honorary Member
Daniel Taylor
Canadian Artist Daniel Taylor is internationally renowned for his expressive portraits and wildlife paintings in oil and acrylic. His paintings are built up in a series of subtle layers, making them breathtakingly realistic and giving the impression of the paintings coming alive. Daniel is working closely together with the African Conservation Foundation on a project called ''Art for Africa'' which aims to raise awareness and funds for the conservation of Africa''s endangered wildlife.

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