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Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)
Mechanism of Operation

The way we work

At ACF, we pride ourselves on living our values. We have a democratically-elected council, we work in the award-winning 60L Green Building and we enjoy strong partnerships with a range of business, community and Indigenous groups. We have attracted dedicated, highly professional staff who are passionate about our values and courageous in pursuing our goals.

We are committed to being an inspiring and influential Australian leader, focused on the critical environmental issues. We set clear goals to achieve meaningful outcomes for our environment; develop policy solutions; collaborate with other organisations and strive to be a national and international opinion leader.

ACF fosters a collaborative culture which acts as a catalyst for positive change, communicating fresh thinking and positive solutions to the Australian community. ACF works in a socially just way that reflects cultural diversity. We are an effective builder of community capacity to achieve change, using social change techniques to inspire a sustainable Australia.

Community engagement is crucial in achieving our vision for a sustainable Australia. The Australian Conservation Foundation seeks strategic alliances inside and outside Australia and we build networks with opinion leaders, the broader community and young people. ACF works toward an active, participatory society in which the majority of Australians value a healthy environment. ACF also strives for a strong, effective and inclusive Australian environment movement.

60L Green Building

Consistent with the Australian Conservation Foundation’s vision of inspiring a sustainable Australia, ACF was a foundation tenant of the multi award-winning 60L Green Building in Carlton, Melbourne and is the building’s largest tenant. ACF worked with the developers of the building, the Green Building Partnership, and provided research and environmental leadership in the early stages of the project. Promoting

the fundamentals of smart design, open-plan layout, natural ventilation, lighting and energy efficiency, the 60L Green Building stands testimony to the commercial aviability of sustainable office construction and design, and embodies ACF’s holistic approach to sustainability.

Most importantly, the Green Building provides a healthy, sustainable working environment

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