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Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)
History and Background

About us

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is Canada''s pre-eminent, national community-based voice for public wilderness protection. Since 1963 CPAWS has taken a lead role in establishing two-thirds of Canada''s protected wild spaces -- an area over seven times the size of Nova Scotia.


Our 10-year vision

Canada, home to one-quarter of the world''s remaining wilderness forests, stands out as a beacon of hope for conservation in a time of enormous change. The next 10 years are a critical time for us to act, before industrial development forecloses the chance to protect some of the last great forests and fresh water and marine ecosystems on earth. We have the amazing opportunity to protect at least 50% or more of our remaining wilderness, including our Boreal Forest region.

CPAWS'' vision is that Canada will lead by example through conserving large landscapes and waterscapes within our own borders and oceans. Our vision is that Canada will maintain pristine lakes, vast caribou herds and abundant wild salmon; that we will share the land with magnificent predators like grizzly bears and wolves; that we will nourish the land ethic of Canadian cultures; and that we will continue to enjoy the beauty of nearby natural landscapes in our daily lives.

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