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Children’s Health & Environment Partnership
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The vision for this website - is to provide information and resources on children’s health and the environment in Manitoba.   Our most important goal in developing this site is to offer information that is relevant, evidence-based, and plain-language. There are many groups who can help in protecting children from environmental exposures. These include parents and caregivers, child care providers, health professionals, and decision-makers. This is an “accessible” site and was designed to reflect the diversity of our communities. Phase One of the website offers basic information in a plain-language format on environmental health, how to taking action and relevant policy. The issues and solutions on this website are relevant to Manitobans. For Phase Two there will be additional local resources, success stories and multi-lingual translations of the solutions section.
Constellation Development
“Constellations” are committees that our members are involved with. These Constellations (or committees) may focus efforts on formal projects and/or occasional initiatives. A Constellation could be developed around one or more of these needs.
Children spend a great deal of their early lives in daycare settings and school. How can we make sure that their play and learning environments are safe and healthy? What kind of information and supports do we need to develop and distribute to effectively protect children?
Health Professionals
Understanding the link between health and environment is becoming more and more important. How can we create awareness of children’s environmental health amongst health educators and practitioners so that they can help prevent harm?
In 2001, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a by-law passed by the municipality of Hudson, Quebec to restrict the use of cosmetic pesticides, (such as pesticides that kill weeds).  Since then, more than 100 communities across Canada, including Brandon, Halifax, Ottawa and Toronto, have restricted the non-essential use of toxic lawn and garden chemicals. There is strong evidence that pesticides can affect the health of children. How can we ensure all Manitoba communities are protected?

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