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Environment Victoria
History and Background

Who we are

We''re the peak non-government environment group in Victoria, and

we are Green Action personified.

We’re from all over the state. Some of us are “in” because we saw a problem we thought we could help solve. Some of us were individual activists who thought we could accomplish bigger things by working together. Some were invited because they have a skill, knowledge, or experience the organisation needs to achieve its objectives. Some of us were just looking for a meaningful job.

And you, well, you’re a part of us too.

Regardless of why we’re in, we are all Victorians who want good things for our state. We believe safeguarding our environment will create jobs. Feed the economy. Sustain our natural resources. Save us money. And ensure a lush, healthy environment for generations to come.

We’re bound together by our values.

These are our common beliefs, the things that keep us focused on the end goal even when the going gets tough. They’re clean, simple ideas with the power to accomplish great things. Put simply, our values are: courage, respect, fairness, and inclusivity. (That means they can be your values too.)

Our story

In the 1960s a group of Victorians joined forces to keep the Little Desert from becoming an agricultural development. Wonder of wonders, the cherished landscape was spared. And the Little Desert National Park was established, which was a small victory for Victoria''s natural environment.

The funny thing about small victories is … they make you feel empowered. They make you want to take on more challenges. Bigger ones. Tougher ones. And that''s how Environment Victoria got started.

Now, 40 years later, we''re the leading environment group in Victoria. We’re plugged in and organised. Independent of the government. And definitely not for profit.

We’ve had our share of victories. And we’re feeling more empowered than ever before. Which is why we’ve come up with the audacious goal of getting all 5 million Victorians to join us, even if it’s just in some small way. We’re calling it Green Action.

With your help, we can persuade every Victorian to get involved. It won''t be easy. But 5 million people can get our representatives hopping. Get businesses bending over backwards to become truly green. Get the whole country to pay attention. Maybe even the world.

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