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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Staff and Members

Director''s Office

Andre de Freitas, Managing Director

Guillermina Garza, Head of Director''s Office

Amrita Narayanan, Development Manager

Sarah Banda, Membership Officer

Alan Smith, Network Coordination Team Leader

Gordian Fanso, Project Officer

Angela Rott, Executive Assistant

Muhittin Kaya, Building Maintenance


Policy and Standards Unit

Hans Joachim Droste, Head of Policy and Standards

Stefan Salvador, Policy Manager

Richard Robertson, Policy Manager

Lucia Fernanda Mayer Massaroth, Policy Manager

Shoana Humphries, Social Policy Manager

Angeline Gough, Social Policy Officer

Matthias Fecht, Policy Officer

Grégory Jean, Policy Officer

Marion Karmann, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Communications Unit

Alison Kriscenski, Head of Communications

Thomas Colonna, Communications Officer

Anakarina Pérez Oropeza, Communications Officer

Arturo Escobar, Communications Design Officer

Finance & Administration

Jean-Bernard Lorigny, Head of Finance & Administration

Bernd Pieper, Accountant and Controller

Klaus Büntgen-Ezelius, Accountant and Controller

Oliver White, IT Manager

Holger Linz, IT Officer

Sebastian Wieschalla, Legal Counsel

Jens-Christian Jahnke, Trademark Counsel

FSC Global Development Staff

Zoltan Paksy, Managing Director

Marcelle Peuckert, Corporate Relations Manager

Marie Stich, Corporate Relations Manager

Richard Vout, Database Manager

Florian Heer, System Development Officer

Saija Hotti, Trademark Manager

Meng-ju Kelly Tu, Trademark Officer

Janeth Pineda, Trademark Officer

Accreditation Services International

Sam Ponder, Managing Director

FSC Accreditation Program

Paolo Tranquillini, Accreditation Program Manager 

Romona Anton, Accreditation Program Officer

Carlos Ruiz-Garvia, Accreditation Program Manager

Frank Katto, Accreditation Program Manager

Etienne Kuzong, Accreditation Program Manager

Sasha Bosbeer, Accreditation Program Manager

Barbara Hiller, Accreditation Program Officer

MSC Accreditation Program

Sönke Fischer, Accreditation Program Manager

Wetjens Dimmlich, Accreditation Program Manager

Sara Ors, Accreditation Program Officer

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