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Human Info NGO
History and Background

Human Info NGO is a Non-Governmental Organization located in Belgium and Romania dedicated to providing information, data processing and dissemination services to UN and development organizations for the past 15 years.

Our mission:

  • Empower UN agencies, governments, governmental agencies, and humanitarian and development organizations with know-how, technology, open-source software and open source websites, digital library and data-processing solutions.
  • Our goal is to be recognized and respected as one of the NGOs fighting to tackle poverty and increase the human potential to all persons involved in development, well-being and basic needs.

Our vision:

We view access to essential information in much the same way as mass public health vaccinations; both should be provided as an essential service to every individual willing to help himself or his country. Complete development and basic needs CD-ROM libraries for developing countries seem an efficient way to achieve this swiftly, provided they can be delivered at the lowest cost possible.

Our values:

  • Facilitate access to information
  • Create new ways for education dissemination
  • Assist developing countries in the fight against poverty
  • Providing solutions for current global issues

We invite organizations, universities and governments to copy or adapt our humanitarian concept to their culture and to their local languages so that they can provide low-cost basic information locally. Development and governmental agencies in the world could each create a low-cost library of their most essential publications and pool them in an open humanitarian shareware setting. Therefore, it is essential all agencies, governments, NGOs and individual authors would start to digitize their material and would agree that their information can be shared for low-cost redistribution in a humanitarian network setting. We are willing to share our low-cost production capacity, resources and experiences.

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