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History and Background

Dr. Khalid Aleryani - President of AMAN - On September 2005,the different civil organization requested Dr.Khaled Al-Eryani, the present president of Aman organization to organize a rally, the first of its kind in Yemen under the motto Yemen without weapons, asking the Yemeni parliament to pass a bill against the possession and carrying any kind of arms and weapons, and so the Aman organization was established on February 2006. The main purpose behind the establishment of this organization is enhancement of social security by bringing awareness and educating the general public on important issues such as human rights, democracy, economical and social stability and development. And is regularly following up for the regularization of possession and carrying any type of weapons, arms and strongly condemns any revengeful act and kidnapping. Resolving the tribal disputes and also participation in humanitarian aids. With this we are striving in achieving a community free of prejudices of any kind, religious fanatism and any form of extremism. Aman organization stands by its peace and security.


The main goal of Aman is to spread the social security through the following goals:

  • To ask and educate the local level the importance of facing the negative thinking and to regularize the possession and carrying of arms.
  • Working towards the strengthening of justice, to remove social and religious fanatism and prejudices.
  • Taking part in the spreading of culture of consultation and democracy in our daily lives and to use the constructive consultation in all categories.
  • The effective participation with the local and international institutions, which are working in the field of consultation and development of Yemeni democracy toward a better future.
  • To encourage the participation of women in various cultural, political, social, economical and medical fields.
  • Participating and educating the people about the importance of protection and preservation of environment.
  • Condemn the act of revenge and kidnapping and to participate in solving the tribal disputes.
  • Application and implication of all objectives of Aman organization (health, security, environmental security, food security……….etc).
  • To engage in all kinds of humanitarian aids.
  • Participation and giving support to women, children and those with special conditions.
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