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JOHUD ( Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development)
History and Background

Who we are
JOHUD is Jordan''s largest and oldest non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting rights-based sustainable human development in Jordan and in the region.
Established over thirty years ago, JOHUD reaches out through a network of 50 community development centres to reach people in underserved, poor and remote communities.
JOHUD helps people work together to access resources on which to build sustainable livelihoods and to claim the rights and entitlements that contribute to healthy and fulfilled lives. 

 What we do
We act as a  catalyst for communities to play a leading role in local development processes. Read on. ..
We provide training, research and consultancy services to build individual and institutional capacity. Read on... 
We implement projects that tackle specific development problems and empower people to improve the well-being of all segments of society. Read on...
We build alliances and advocate for policies that are equitable and socially inclusive.  Read on.. .
We mobilise resources from individuals and organisations to provide a ‘safety net’ for the most vulnerable. Read on...  


Our approach
We place people at the centre of the development process, and encourage them to play a leading role in defining and pursuing their own development needs. In particular, we work with the more vulnerable groups such as women, young people, the elderly and the disabled, because through targeted support, their interests and needs may be better met.
Our beliefs
Everyone is born with fundamental human rights.
JOHUD strives to ensure that these rights are recognised, respected and upheld at all times. JOHUD seeks to promote equity and justice. 
Poverty is a denial of basic human rights. JOHUD’s role is to raise awareness that everyone shares the responsibility to overcome poverty in Jordan.
Poverty increases vulnerability.  JOHUD seeks to mitigate the negative impacts of social and economic shocks on those living in poverty.
The poor have a right to be involved in decisions that affect their lives. JOHUD helps their voices to be heard and uses its own influence to advocate on their behalf
If they have access to resources, people living in poverty can often solve their own problems.  JOHUD aims to play a supportive and facilitative role to accelerate this process of empowerment and self-reliance.
Our unique strengths
- An institutional presence through our network of 50 Community  Development Centres
- Social networks and a unique position of trust in the community
- Knowledge of the field and a commitment to lesson learning
- Capacity to mobilise human and organisational resources, both paid  and voluntary
- Strong management capacity and the ability to get things done
- Links at the national, regional and international levels
- Ability to link theory and practice and to inform national development processes  

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