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Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights
Mechanism of Operation

Our vision: sustainable peace

Our mission: building society based on the culture of peace

We work toward our mission through empowering individuals, initiatives and civil society organizations for responsible participation in positive social changes, contributing to strengthening of civil society and rule of law.
We promote respect of diversity, humanity, tolerance, pluralism, human rights, personal responsibility, pacifism, gender equality and nonviolence.


Under peace building we understand building and improvement of structures, procedures for consciousness-raising, formulating and solving problems, conflicts, and injustices by using democratic and other non-violent methods of political work – permanent improvement of the civil society and common security.
Approaches, methods, and activities of peace building are based on four basic values:

            sustainable development

Values that represent the foundation of our internal organization are esteem and integrity of an individual, multi-ethnicity, participatory democracy, good communication, teamwork, responsibility, permanent direction towards learning, publicity of work and transparency of financial management, cooperation, and networking

Governing Board Members:

•dr.sci. Milan Ivanović, Chair •Ranka Jindra •Biserka Milošević •Gordana Stojanović •Tatjana Škrbić •Duško Kostić •Milenko Stanić



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