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Arab Council for Childhood and Development
Mechanism of Operation

The Goals
The Council seeks to achieve the following goals:

Cooperation with Arab governments and urging them to adopt policies and plans for achieving sustainable development particularly the recognition of the rights of children, meeting their needs and addressing other childhood issues.

Coordination and cooperation with Arab organizations and bodies functioning in the field of childhood issues and consolidate their activities.

Promotion and mobilization of public opinion about childhood issues and urge the mass media to address them.

Proposition and adoption of pioneer projects for developing the Arab child in accordance with the plans of the Council.

Coordination with appropriate institutions to conduct research and studies to ascertain children’s conditions needs and issues.

Providing and exchanging data and information with the relevant bodies at both the Arab and international levels.

Expanding and enhancing areas of mutual cooperation and consolidation with Arab and international organizations and exchange of knowledge and experience with them in order to meet the comprehensive needs of Arab children.

Responding to emergency cases, exceptional conditions and natural disasters by providing support and assistance for children in particular.

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