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Dispute Resolution Foundation
History and Background

The Dispute Resolution Foundation (DRF) is a civil society organization which works closely with the Government of Jamaica primarily through the Ministry of Justice to advocate, train and deliver related services in support of a national agenda for Justice, Peace & Development.
The DRF currently employs the primary process of Mediation, along with deliberation, dialogue and facilitation while also building an Arbitration capacity.

The philosophy of Restorative Justice, that is of engaging victims, offenders, the State and the community in valuing all persons’ capacity to contribute to healing of harm, underpins much of its work in communities, the Courts and other areas in which Restorative practices and Mediation can be reasonably embedded.

The Mission Statement of the DRF is:

To achieve accommodative and non-violent relationships between citizens, corporations and other organizations within a democratic and restorative justice framework, thereby profiting citizens, communities and the country, by strengthening and expanding the use of mediation and other alternative effective methods of preventing and resolving disputes in Jamaica and the region.

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