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Developmental Action without Borders / Naba'a
History and Background

A new visitor came to the village . Rami saw her from far away and ran towards the plaza shouting loudly :”Come here; we have a new visitor”. The children and adults gathered whispering :”Who may that visitor be? Why did she come? Who is she? What shall she do?” Naba'a heard their whispers; she kept silent for a moment and then said :”I’ll tell you my story …
My name is : Naba'a
My Nationality is : A Lebanese Local Organization
Date of birth     :  September 2001/Lebanon
I came to enhance the social participation and sharing through the comprehensive learning. I will be working with children from zero age up till 18 years old.
My Values and Principles:
I am a believer that the child must have a voice with a participation to provide the mechanisms of making his voice heard without any exterior effects, whereas my work may be a support and backing of the local society to reach together the respect of the child and man’s rights effectively. This launches from the principle of the child’s participation in the innovation of services to change the status of his present life and to improve his abilities to become vigorous and active, as well as the creation of chances to improve and develop all his human powers through learning. Together, we seek an appreciation of the full understanding of the cultural identity of individuals and groups and to improve and develop the skills and conduct of the whole society as a means to grant the individual his/her personal independence .
1. To create participatory tools that support empowering the children and the local community to own the projects.
2. To help children learn their rights, so that their voice is clearly heard through providing them with skills.
3. To help the community understand and appreciate cultural aspects, through providing them with educational activities.
4. To challenge existing practices, structure and attitudes which undermine or abuse children's rights, in particular their rights to education, play and creative expression.
5. To assist protection of children in difficult circumstances into more secure areas through educational activities.
6. To decrease stress of children in difficult circumstances, and their families through providing them by safety places and educational activities.

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