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Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association (IYDA)
History and Background

Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association (IYDA)

was founded in 2009 by a group of highly motivated young people from different backgrounds. We are registered as a nongovernmental organization at the Egyptian ministry of social solidarity. Today we are partnering with Youth for Understanding in various countries around the Globe. IYDA is run by young people and our members are mainly working on a voluntary base. The limit age to participate in our activities is from 15 to 35 years but the majority of our members are in the age between 18- 25. Most young people in IYDA are actively involved in other aspects of social engagement, like volunteering in other Youth Organization or have the experience of representing their communities in local and international events. AIMS IYDA fostering youth exchange programs and professional trainings, our goal is to develop the Egyptian youth mentalities and thus we are always aiming to:

• Enhance the synergy and mutual cultural understanding through educational training and social activities.

• Holding sessions, workshops and camps for youth and their families.

• Exchange of youth and visits among the fellow nations through the intercultural exchange programs.

• Providing Youth with the intercultural skills in order to be more tolerant and respect for the others.

• Organizing Cultural development Programs inside and outside Egypt.

• Holding programs for cultural development.

• Developing the sense of belonging among the Egyptian youth by maintaining awareness programs to spread the culture of peace.

• To work towards resolving conflicts and promoting to more peaceful world.

• To improve the relationships and promote to avoid stereotypes among people from different cultural backgrounds.

• To encourage the active involvement of all Egyptian young people in their society using their potentials and enthusiasm to publically serve their community.

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