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The Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO)
History and Background

Mission and Goals 

As stated in its Mandate, the mission of ARADO is to contribute to administrative development in the Arab States in a way that serves comprehensive Arab development issues.

Over its history as an institution, ARADO has mainly strived to meet high pan-Arab needs in the field of administrative development and reform, taking into consideration the necessity of securing balanced fulfillment of those needs in all member states, in a way to ensure that such balance is equitable, adhering to objective and professional standards, efficiency, and excellence in all activities and services provided - whether in programs, seminars, meetings, or publications.


In its endeavor to fulfill this sublime mission, ARADO has been offering services and programs to the governments of its 21 member States.  The scope of services also includes public and private institutions involved in management development in the Arab region.

 In fulfilling its basic mission, ARADO works for the achievement of the following goals:

- To promote administrative development in the Arab region;

- To coordinate and encourage management studies and expand exchange of specialists among Arab countries;

- To develop cooperation among, and exchange of, Arab and world expertise in the areas of development management in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of management in the Arab region;

- To bridge the gap between modern management systems and techniques on the one hand, and management practices common in the Arab countries on the other, in order to facilitate self-sustained economic development and inter-Arab economic integration; and

- To enhance relevant purposeful translation in management, and unify management terminologies used in the Arab region.


ARADO formulates its programs and activities in annual work plans, and directs its services mainly to senior management levels in government, Public institutions, and private organizations. It also acts as a channel for monitoring and identifying latest ideas and trends in administrative developments and practices, and making these available to Arab countries.  In this respect, ARADO role is not limited to targeting senior management levels in the Arab region; rather it goes beyond that to include middle and direct management levels. Many activities and training programs offered by ARADO – about establishing, developing, and running administrative systems  are designed to serve such administrative levels in organizations in public and private sectors alike. 

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