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Forum of Development and Human Rights dialogue
History and Background

Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) is a non-profit non-governmental organization. The executive regulations of FDHRD is subject to Law No. 84 of 2002 on NGOs and private enterprises.

The FDHRD is established with a view to contributing to the civil efforts aiming at affecting positive changes in the society and the media in order to develop the political, social and cultural aspects in the society. FDHRD believes that development and human rights complement each other. There would be no development with the lack of legislations and laws that equalize among the individuals in a certain society. Likewise, there would be no development in the absence of the guarantees of the freedom of opinion and expression. Human rights, in turn, prospers in case development efforts succeed in eliminating poverty, realizing economic and social equality among individuals and increasing their awareness of the rights and how to claim such rights.

Accordingly, FDHRD activities would tackle entrenching participation, with respect to political development. As for cultural development, FDHRD will work on improving the set of values in order to disseminate the culture of diversity and acceptance of the other. Regarding economic and social development i.e. increasing opportunities of economic independence,  in order to create a society including empowered citizens qualified for political, cultural and social participation in the modernization efforts. Hence, the whole society would benefit from the outcomes of modernization, unlike the status quo where a small bracket of the society interact with the rest of the society and the outside world. However, the vast majority of the citizens surrender to being marginalized and inability to participate in the societal affairs.


Therefore, FDHRD is an initiative for addressing the grass roots to turn the majority of the inactive citizens into being positive, active and qualified for political, societal and cultural participation.

Furthermore, FDHRD addresses the elite in order to push the intellectual system towards the culture of development and human rights and widening the scope of citizen participation.



- Working on the enhancement of freedom of expression allowing the freedom of access to, dissemination and transfer of information and ideas by all means and in accordance with the human rights instruments.
- Enhancing the improvement of the intellectual system towards promotion of the culture of diversity and acceptance of the other.
- Disseminating the culture of citizenship identifying all rights and duties and the necessity of eliminating all forms of discrimination based on sex or religion.
- Disseminating civil culture through establishing a media group working on the enhancement of intellectual enlightenment and ethical diversity to counter the violence media and political, religious and humanitarian incitement.
-  Entrenching citizen participation in managing the local affairs and increasing the awareness of participation in decision making.
- Working on the improvement of the legislative structure hindering the citizens from their right to know.

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