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JORDAN Youth Exchange Group
History and Background

The main Aims of JYEG are facilitating international exchange for young people, promoting youth initiatives to develop society facilitating the integration of young people into society and encouraging their spirit of initiative to increase youth participation in both local community and society in general.
The participation in our activities gives the chance of a positive and varied personal development. We are looking to increase the Jordanian Youth participation in the international events, which could provide them with diversity of life styles, cultures and power them with creativity.
Our target group is all Jordanian youth. Mainly the youngsters are from (15-25 year old, both Male & Female). Their backgrounds are different, varies from poor youngsters, from countryside to students of very best Universities in Jordan. What unites them that they are all active and eager to learn and develop themselves and to contribute into the development of their social environment.
We noticed that participants in youth exchanges are often young men and women who have easy access to these programs that are offered by professional organizations, which are mostly located in the capital and only high English language command people who could participate. We are working mainly to give the other young people the chance to participate. By offering good preparation programmes designed for their needs and give them the chance to travel and to act with young people who have certain social and communication skills.
We are looking forward for your cooperation in creating more chances for exchange with our Youth. Please feel free to contact us for further information. 

What is JORDAN YouthExchange Group
Far away from physical and mental differences. Education level, social and economic levels or distinctive skills, young Jordanian people with different mentalities gather to be one hand aiming at sharing their ideas and thoughts with the out side world…This is where the JYE came from.
JYEG learns from others as we would like them to learn from us. We respect other cultures as we beliefs they have their traditions and beliefs.
JYEG dream of peaceful atmosphere is joining youth from different parts in the world regardless of their colors, religions, languages or beliefs, from one cooperated spirit in which we can express ourselves and more make it the start for a creative youth community.
JYEG aims to remove the psychological barriers between different cultures. Give the chance to mutual conversation, encourage youth participation, and confirm strength in youth to express their opinions freely.
JYEG is looking to increase the JORDAN youth participation in international events that makes our individuals more aware about the out side world, and give him or her chance to be improved in a mixed community.

We’re just born (2004). However, we were in the history of the youth exchanges by our members through Jordanian organizations and programmes. You might have met us before but not like what we are in the Jordan Youth Exchange NOW. We are all friends working together to increase youth participation where nobody has worked before and there was no light.
We chose to work with disabled, less privileged young people and people who have had first experience with international events. We also encourage female interaction by giving the participation priority. All members in our data bank are ready to act and exchange with other cultures by learning from others and respecting the differences which we believe the diverse creativity on our self.
We only work to facilitate the chance to interact with humans and we believe that YOUTH CAN CHANGE.
Our target group is all Jordan youth.  Mainly youth between (15-30 years old) both female and male. Their background s as different, varying from poor countryside to students of the very best caliber from university of Jordan. What unites them is that they are all active and eager to learn and development of their social environment.

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