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JORDAN Youth Exchange Group
Activities and Programs

Our action is focusing on the enforcement of euro med actions on youth targeting the integration of euro med intercultural dialogue within EuroMed youth programme and beyond that. The focus groups will be youth NGOs, academia with expertise in youth studies, social workers in member states and MEDA countries, public administration dealing with youth issues and media specialized in youth issues and cultural activities. The main implementers will me the network partners, which have already been established and it will work based on antennas in each member country and working groups responsible for each action.
Jordan Youth Exchange Group (JYEG) - is responsible to operate an info antenna in Jordan and to manage a tele club for interfaith dialogue among youth in the network area. (JYEG) is steering committee member of RESPECT NETWORK
Our general objective is the improvement of the dialogue between youngsters within EU MED cooperation area through increased information activities and meetings.

Islamic Conference Youth Forum
International non-governmental institution, working toward strengthening capacity and promoting interest of its members at international level;
Being a center of knowledge and expertise in youth issue, strengthening youth policy in the OIC region trough actions aimed at enhancing and mobilizing creative potential of youth of member countries.
Jordan Youth Exchange Group (JYEG) is a Founder and Active member, JYEG working with the organization to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding between Member and non-Member youth organizations; ensure leading role of youth in advancing the dialogue among civilizations;
Also promoting cultural diversity and raise the level of appreciation of cultural diversity between the member organizations
These main objectives will be implemented to establish summer camp for member organizations with a program  aimed at education in cultural diversity and raising appreciation of national cultures;
Holding a conference in partnership with European youth organizations to discuss joint strategy on advancing dialogue among civilizations;
Participating in global activities on the dialogue among civilizations and culture of diversity;

•Solid partners for co-operation through program youth actions and other alternative opportunities.
•Our priority is a longer period of co-operation (but we do not exclude the possibility of doing a single exchange). A continuing exchange next year in another country with similar groups is a good example of a longer period of co-operation. 
•Our main aim is QUALITY (with and by youngersters, equal contribution of all partners). We are experienced in youth exchanges (Action 1) and as host; in addition we can provide a quality exchange, as senders of a well-prepared group/wide-ranging help during preparations as well as during the exchange.
•We would like to co-operate as much as possible during preparations, as partners then have the possibility to comment and improve the project.
•We prefer to make a multilateral exchange, as it is more effective in sense of integration than small-scale exchanges.
•We do not have any geographical or ethnical preferences, all regions and nations are welcome.

1. Foundation forum of RESPECT NETWORK (Egypt - 2004).
2. Sport for all – Youth Exchange (Egypt - 2004).
3. Globalization and our Future – Youth Exchange (Egypt - 2004).
4. Silk Road – Youth Exchange (Turkey - 2004).
5. Evaluation Tool Box – Seminar project (Turkey - 2004).
6. Foundation of Islamic Youth Conference Forum (Azerbaijan – 2004). 
7. Youth Culture and the Arts - Feasibility Visit project (Israel - 2005).
8. Citizenship and Environment - Study Visit (Algeria - 2005).
9. Try Euro with Med – Contact Making Seminar (Poland - 2005).
10. Common show – Youth Exchange (Cairo August 2005)
11. New beginning – new countries – Contact Making seminar (Lithuania - 2005)
12. Charity – Interfaith dialogue conference (Amman - 2005).
13. Gender - Tanning Course (Valencia - 2005)
14. For green life – Seminar (Algeria – 2005).
15. Youth & Municipalities – Seminar (Lebanon - 2005).
16. Try an agricultural life for a while – Youth Exchange (Cyprus –2005).
17. Euro Med Youth Voluntary Cooperation as an Intercultural Learning Experience – Contact making seminar (Israel - 2005).
18. Global Village - Contact making seminar (Czech - 2005).

3rd Place of Pioneering Youth Leadership competition
The Award ceremony held under the patronage of Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania, Save the Children USA President and CEO Charles MacCormack)
JYEG is the winner of the 3rd place of Pioneering Youth Leadership competition which organized by Save the Children – Jordan.  For Youth Serving their Communities.

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