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Egyptian Society for Interculture Exchange
Activities and Programs

Our programs, in Egypt, began in1959 and the Society was established in 1980, working on hosting and sending over 900 young people. ESIE is responsible for sending Egyptian youth on cultural exchange programs all over the globe to over twenty countries. In addition, we host young adults from abroad who have a strong desire to learn about and understand the culture of Egypt. These young leaders live with an Egyptian family and either volunteer their time to work on community-based projects in the area or attend an academic year in an Egyptian academic year in an Egyptian high-school. They leave Egypt with a sense of commitment to global development issues and a true understanding of Egyptian culture and values.
Today, more then ever, our mission is vital to uniting people of the world. Our mission is to value, appreciate and respect diversity of all kinds so that everyone involved in our activities will have the opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives. It is rooted in the ability to give individuals the chance to gain a global understanding essential for creating future leaders.

In the past two years, we have been able to host and send over 70 students. Egypt’s young ambassadors to the world come from all over the country, both boys and girls and from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. We also offer opportunities for students with disabilities. These opportunities are made possible through strong support from the Ministry of Education, and scholarships funded by the US, the EU and locally raised funds. The achievements of these students are outstanding and we believe that they have made a difference. They have added precious bricks to the bridges of understanding that we are building between the diverse cultures of the world.

Through our pre-departure orientation camps, we educate our future leaders about mutual respect and understanding, leadership skills and necessary basics for the start of their year long adventurous experience with one ultimate objective to learn to live together.

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