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International Association of Intercultural Studies
Organizational Structure

The Board :
1. The Board consists of a President and two Vice-Presidents and a further  six Board members representing various   socio-cultural   and specialist  areas.

2. The members of the Board are elected at the members' meeting by separate ballot and by simple majority for the period of two years.  They may be re-elected only once.

3. The Board remains in office until the new election.

4. If a member of the Board resigns prior to the expiration of his term, he may be replaced through a postal ballot.

5. The rights of signing for the Association in all matters is restricted to the President of the Association in conjunction with one Vice-President.

6. The Board prepares the members' meetings and announces its proposals for the agenda two months in advance. Every member of the Association has the right to propose additions or amendments, which must be submitted to the Board one month in advance.

7. Departed Presidents  of  the Board are to be Honorary Presidents  for  life with  full voting  rights.

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