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International Association of Intercultural Studies
Mechanism of Operation

The   Association  has   the   following   tasks:

A)   to   analyse   using   the   methods   of   sociological (literary   and   cultural socio-cultural),    empirical   and   theoretical research,    specific   interethnic   and   intercultural interferences   which  have   arisen   in  modern   times especially  in   the   so-called  Third-World   countries   through their   adoption   of   European   and   other   cultural models   (e.g.   in   theatre,   education, law  and  legislation,   architecture,   technology etc)   and   to contribute   to    the   reduction   of   conflicts   connected with   these   processes,

B)    to   diffuse   the   results   of   these   researches   at   an international   level   for   the   purpose   of   reducing stereotyped   ideas and   prejudices   between   nations and replacing them by realistic knowledge scientifically founded on the cultural and ethnic differences between peoples. 

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