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National Center for Human Resources Development (NCHRD)
Activities and Programs

The primary mission of the Center could be stated as “contributing to the development of Jordanian human resources through improving the effectiveness of the educational and training systems to keep up with socioeconomic requirements”.

The following are the major goals and functions of NCHRD:
To conduct and support studies and research related to the various levels and forms of the educational system including higher, vocational and technical education.
To conduct and support studies, and to launch projects, linking the outputs of education and training systems with the labor and employment sector, by establishing a human resources development information system.
To evaluate the elements, components and outputs of the education reform plans.
To support the plans and projects geared towards the education reform plans in the various levels and diversified types of education, including systems, programs, human resources and education and training facilities.
To offer consultations to organizations at home and abroad on the areas that are relevant to the responsibilities of the Center.
To coordinate with local, regional and international organizations and institutions, to provide assistance deemed necessary to support the reform plans at the various levels and types of the education system.

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