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Sohag Community Development and Children with Special Needs Association
Activities and Programs

1-The project of institutional establishing and enlightenment in the rural associations:
Financed by: Sohag for rural development International Bank / EFAD/ARE
The continuous development supports in Sohag villages through system of sharing for liable and
subjected categories.
General Aim: The project offers the enlightenment and girls.
The project period: from 1/2/2005 to 31/1/2006.
 Categories as the follow: 
1. Kids whose special needs.
2. Family providers ladies and poor families.
3. Charities of local society development.
4. Kids and lasses or young girls.
The project Activities:
1. Carrying out 10 healthy edification and enlightenment campaigns.
2. Carrying out 10 juristic edification campaigns.
3. Carrying out 10 environmental edification campaigns.
Edification Targets:
- Upgrading the healthy, environmental. and juristic a war ness for villages inhabitants.
- Behavior improvement for inhabitants.
Training Aims:
- Upgrade the qualification and ability for 10 and provincial charities.
- Development for the rural charities ability and staff.
• Acquiring experiences and skills for charities members.

2-The Educational gifts project “Apple”
• Project name: “Educational Gifts Project” which serves the young girls in prep and prim. Stages.
• The Financed is from American Institutes for searching.  
The most important activities, which the program supervises on it: -
• Observing the young girls in their schools.
• Appending the young girls or joining them with educational enriching groups.
• Giving and distributing school requirements.
• Paying the school fees.
• Observing them in healthy, psychological and social cases.
• Schools number which we work with in it and the villages:-
• 48 primary school.
• 24 Prep. school.
• Total sum of villages in Prep. stage is 15,and in prim stage are 25.

3-The project of schools which are children’s friend in hard times
Financed by : UNISCO institution
• According to the item of : UNISCO institution project financing.
• In cooperation with Directorate of Education “teachers employing”.
• International health organization “alimentary meal”.
* Intend and subjected category: 
• Children who use street as their shelter and dwelling.
• Children who lag or left their education and go to work in workshops and others.
• Children who faced special circumstances led to their escaping to street.
* Offered activities:
• Teaching children reading, writing, maths., science, and drawing.
• Teaching children morals, principles and deserting bad behavior.
• Teaching children computer and how they deal with it and how to make good using of it.
• Teaching children a suitable craft.
* Project Duration: A year starts from 19-1-2005 to 9-1-2006.

4- A center for families whose mental handicapped children
Financed organization  : Self financed by the association itself.
Intended and subjected category  : The mental handicapped children.
The financed institution : Self financed by the charity itself.
The intended and subjected category: The mental handicapped children in Sohag Governorate.
- The general aim: The early intervention with the mental handicapped and working on preparing and training the mothers on
how to qualify the mental handicapped children.
- The project Aims:
1. Setting a resources and funds center which contain a library specialized in mental handicapped and in hindrance as a
general, this center is the only and a unique one in Sohag Governorate.
2. An equipped mental handicapped training unit.
3. 6 female trainers whom were trained on how to train the children families, also prepare and guide them to use the
available services in the local community.
4. Fixing the splints and pillars for children, also making modified tools suitable for mental handicapped children.
Achievements: 120 families from the mental handicapped families were trained on preparing children within a year.
* The poliomyelitis item: Sohag community Development and children with special needs Association contains a center services
800 child casualty by poliomyelitis in all over Sohag governorate.
1- Making all kinds of compensatory equipment as “cutting off equipment- crutches- equipment repairing”
2- Bones clinics.
3- Physical therapy center.
4- Children clinic.
5- Field observation.
* Loan Item: The loan center offers small loans between 500 P. to 1000 P. to handicapped children and limited income
families, also breadwinner ladies for setting small industries.
* Services kinds which are offered to the client:
1. Financial services like loan sum.
2. Avail study to the client.
3. Fulfilling the administrative proceedings with the other authorities and permissions.
4. The technical guidance in industries observation and development.

The Projects which are carried out by the Association:
1- Appealing to women civil rights project:
* Financed institution: non-governmental organization services center.
- Financing sum : 1, 363, 360 P.
- Project period : 3 years from April “2001” to April “2004”.
- Intended category : Females from young girls and ladies from the age 15 years old whose their education ratio are varied
between illiteracy and secondary stage, with low awareness level, and low income level for the person.
- General Aim  : Appealing to increase and activate the woman sharing in the process of making the developmental decision in
the civil community foundations (the general associations, boards of directors of the civil associations, and the local
boards) in Sohag governorate.
1- New horizons and future project:
- Financed institution: CEDBA
- Financing sum: 70.000 P..
- Project period: 1998-2002.
- Intended category: young girls from the age of 9: 25 years old and the priority to illiterates.
- The regular employment: executive director supervisor + 3 observers + accountant.
- The temporary employment: 73 facilitated.
- The general aim: give training to facilitators and beneficiaries on the new horizons and future project.
2- Educational gifts to young girls project in Al- Maragha city:
Financed institution: Childhood Rescue institution.
Financing sum        : 1407280.37 for five years.
The project period   : 1996: 2001
Intended category  : 1200 young girls in the first year of the project 1% males and their ages are from 6: 9 years old.
The regular employment : 2 supervisors + 3 assistants + 2 coordinators + 1 accountant.
The temporary employment: 68 volunteers.
The general aim: Raising the percentage of joining young girls with primary stage in the governorate and girls who related
to limited income families estimated by 1200 young girls. 
2- Young girls education center project
Financed Institution: 1) Sohag Community Development and children with special needs.
2) Illiteracy Abolition and adult education institution has financed great number of machines + materials.
 Financing sum      : 50000 P.
Project period        : since 1997.
Intended category: Teaching the handicapped young girls to sew, tricot and glass painting skills to gain daily bread or
livelihood and help their families.
Regular employment : a supervisor + a trainer.
Temporary employment : 5 girls.
General Aim : Training the handicapped young girls, limited income and escaped from education on some handle crafts.

3- Primary Education Development Project
Financed Institution: Fund of Switzerland & Egypt.
Financing sum         : 876766 P.
Project period           : Three years.
Intended category     : Primary stage pupils.
Regular employment: Project manager + Assistant of Project manager +            4 Observers + An accountant + a female
Temporary employment: Non.
General Aim: Raising the efficiency of the educational methods that’s applied at 10 governmental Primary schools in Sohag.

4- The Civil Initiation Project “Street Children”
Financed Institution: Child Protection Center and his Rights “Cairo”.
Financing sum         : 10000 P.
Project period           : 3 years from 1/1/1997 to 31/1/1999.
Intended category     : The marginal work children.
General Aim             : Changing children’s unfavorable behavior.

5- Environmental Healthy Reformation Project “The Deflation”
Financed Institution: Switzerland & Egypt Fund.
Financing Sum: 33347.35 P.
Project period: One year and a half, from 1/11/2001  to   30/4/2003.
Intended category: Limited income families.
Regular employment: an executive manger + a project supervisor + an accountant.
Temporary employment: 3 coordinators.
General Aim: Stress on and confirmation the existence of healthy and ideal environment.

6- The young  girls preparation Project
Financed Institution: Arabian Gulf Program “Fund” for supporting the developed UN. Organizations “AGFND”.
Financing Sum : 64600 P.
Project period : a year from June 1996.
Intended Category: Educated and non-educated girls who have no craft or job helps them to gain livelihood in Sohag villages
and cities.
Regular employment: a project manager + a training supervisor + a training assistant + a female secretary + a female labor.
Temporary employment: None.
General Aim: Preparing the educated and non-educated girls to acquire a craft skills and information, which help them to
gain livelihood and to raise the economy level.

7- The social Fund  Project
Financed Institution : The social fund.
Financing sum: 300000 P.
Project period: 3 years from 24/1/1996 to 24/1/1999.
Intended category: handicapped children.
General Aim: serving 300 families from handicapped children families.

8- Integrated Development Project “Mother and child health issue
Financed Institution: TDH -  TREE DES HOMME Institution -.
Financing period : 3 years, from 1/5/2000 to 30/4/2003.
Intended category: “918” families at 12 villages in 4 cities  “Ttahtta, EL-Maragha, EL-Monshah, Gerga”.
Regular employment: a supervisor + 4 civil assistants.
Temporary employment: 4 coordinators + 24 civil labors.
General Aim : improve child health, improve mother health.

9- Integrated Development for handicapped children families Project
Financed Institution: Social fund for Development.
Financing sum: 1286894 P.
Project period: 3 years, from 1996 to 1999.
Intended category: 6000 handicapped child who his family in Sohag + the orphans + who escaped from education + the rural
mothers and school handicapped children at the villages of Sohag + children families.
Regular employment: 20
Temporary employment: 35.
General Aim: offering the integrated caring for families.
  Illiteracy abolishment Enlightening and guiding.

10- The integrated Development Project
Financed Institution : TDH {  TREE DES HOMME }  
Project period : 3 years, from 2001 to 2003.
Intended category : the handicapped children by polio.
Regular employment: a supervisor + 3 civil assistants.
Temporary employment: 8 civil coordinators.
General Aim: offering a care for 1000 handicapped children by polio in healthy, social, educational, economical aspects.

11- the claiming on social consolidation for mental handicapped children families
The association of social development and children with special needs caring (the association umbrella) has carried out the
project of claiming on social consolidation for mental handicapped children families in Sohag.
Financed Institution: the project of Social Protection Initiation under authority of International Bank.
Project period: from 11/2003 to 3/2005, and still up till now by the association support for it.
Thus, 10 non-governmental associations and 22 health Units are participants in this activity in some cities, like “ Sohag,
Dar El_Salam, Saqultah, El_Maragha, Gerga, Akhmeem, and the activity period is 14 months.
The project tries hard to intervene early in the case of mental handicapped in the age from one day to 5 years.
The project prepares training for mothers on how they can reform and deal with the mental handicapped children.
Project Aim:
• Establish a resources and means center, which is equipped in the association location and contains a scientific
library and an equipped training unit for mental handicapped.
• Give training for 6 trainees, 4 Mothers and 10 females voluntaries are gathered from the other associations of
social development or the health Units, this training focuses on how they can train the children families m reform or
prepare them. Also, guiding them to the available services in the local society.
• Signing a contract or agreement of participation between the association and ministry of health with 5 local
developmental associations and 20 Units of health in 5 different cities in all over the governorate for sending these cases
to the center.
• Give training to 100 families of the mental handicapped families to be able to reform and deal with children within
a period not more than a year.
• Support and financing 5 projects, which offered from 5 associations or Units of health for mental handicapped
children serving.


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